Thursday, September 11, 2014

Albuquerque ALLive, 2014

Top of the Mountain!

Literally, if the weather is clear, anyone who wants to can go to the top of the Sandias by tram. (Cost covered by registration fees and possible sponsorships.) Our only problem will be the logistics of automotive transport, but something will be figured out. This is the tram I'm talkin' about: We'll get us some group rates and do it (weather permitting).

Figuratively, top of the mountain: Can our unschooling lives peak? Or at least be elevated? ABSOLUTELY. Three or four happy days of encouraging stories and meeting other families will sparkle us up for another few months at least.

Registration is open:

This is a photo of the Sandias taken from the valley, eight miles or so west of where we'll be, with a door, a strip of desert, an eroding hill and a wall between me and the mountains. It's the side door of an indoor soccer facility.

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