Speakers and staff:

Hema Bharadwaj will share with us the Indian art of Rangoli, and tell stories of unschooling in India, and of her family (now living in New Jersey for a while). More on rangoli, less personal: rangoli pictures with dots

Julie, James and Adam Daniel of Ashford, in Surrey, will present a family panel. Stories of Adam's life are always fun.

Jill Parmer and Luke Davidson of Fort Collins, Colorado will speak about travel, friendships, gaming and related topics, I think.

Sandra Dodd, organizer and speaker

Keith Dodd, logistics and knotwork

Lisa Jonick, local guide and lovely assistant

Attendees (those who have chosen to share their identities in advance)

Nicole Rod
Michael Rod
Molly Rod (6)
Frank Rod (3)
Littleton, Colorado

Shelley Pierce
Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce Junior (9)
William Pierce (7)
Ruth Pierce (5)
Boulder, Colorado

Marina Popova
Steven Kuhaida
Roman Kuhaida (5)
Parsberg, Germany

Amanda Keene
Jackie Keene
Myen Vargas (16 /f)
Raven Vargas (13 /f)
Haskaya Keene (7 /m) [Hoss--ya]
Brooklynn Keene (6 /f)
Keahlani Keene (17 / f non-homeschooled step-daughter might come)
Breana (14 /f non-homeschooled step-daughter might come)

Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico

Jaclyn Koehl
Santee, California

[Brian, Evan (5) and Elise (5) have decided to hang back in California.]

Grahm Gattis
Amanda Gattis
Gavin Gattis (7)
Aleka Gattis (5)
Geirson Gattis (1)
Roswell, New Mexico

Mia Fiore
Scott Tucker
Nora Tucker (6)
Kirkland, Washington

Ali Zeljo
Jon Zeljo
Nicky Zeljo (14)
Will Zeljo (11)
Gianni Zeljo (6)
Giacomo Zeljo (4)
Boulder, Colorado

John Jorgensen
Jennifer Jorgensen
Shannon Jorgensen (24)
Garrett Jorgensen (20)
Sheila Jorgensen (11)
Gavin Jorgensen (8)
Tara Jorgensen (18, may be coming)
Edgewood, New Mexico

Ken and Anna Spaeth
David Spaeth (10)
Elliot Spaeth (6)
Denver, Colorado

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