Monday, December 15, 2014

Mia, Scott and Nora of Kirkland, Washington

Hi, We're Mia, Scott & Nora (6 3/4 yo)
We live outside Seattle, WA. We are still fairly new to unschooling.

Mia: I get to stay home with Nora :) I like to make things with my hands. I especially love painting things…walls, sets, canvases, and more. I'm currently experimenting with teaching myself to sew again. It borders on humorous.
I also love to cook (and eat!) sing, put puzzles together and those candy crush games on fb.

Scott is a software engineer by day. Outside of work he enjoys playing video games in his spare time and is super happy to be able to play Minecraft with Nora. He also enjoys watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy. He is currently reading Isaac Asimov robot short stories with Nora.

Nora: "I like to watch movies like Bubble Guppies, Frozen and My Little Pony. I like to do art and play with clay. I like to play games like Minecraft. I like to play with my mom. It's fun to play babies and have fun." I've also noticed Nora likes to design spaces and clothes and host pretend plays and how-to videos. Oh! And flying on airplanes and staying in hotels! :D

We have a dog we like to say is a 'Muppet' because he looks like he's made out of yarn and feathers. But he will be staying home, because he hates airplanes.

We look forward to meeting everyone!


In our house, couches are for climbing and shows.

Mia, Nora, Scott

Nora and a dog masquerading as a muppet.
Or as Nora says "a pic of me and my brother"
(Scott just pointed out that even though the dog is staying home,
his fur will come with us to the conference…
because it goes everywhere)

See you in Albuquerque!

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