Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"The Care and Feeding of Miracles"

James, Julie and Adam Daniel live in Ashford, in Surrey, west of London. Julie has organized three conferences at which I spoke. My daughter Holly stayed with their family for six weeks one winter and had an English Christmas with them. They have been to another Always Learning Live symposium, where Adam spoke (with Julie's assistance).

Their talk for this year will be about principles and processes. Julie wrote:
[We will] talk a bit about how people gravitate towards defining processes. They do it particularly when an outcome matters to them. But the outcomes that matter most to unschooling are ones that can't be defined by a process. Like you can't write a process for falling in love or making friends.

Without a defined process we believe you need three things.
1) A clear but general outcome
2) Very clear guiding principles as to conduct and behaviour
3) Trust
We think that living in this way produces amazing outcomes. It seems as though miracles happen! But actually the miracles are just the everyday results of careful, mindful choices made in the context of these three things.

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