Saturday, December 6, 2014

Marina, Steve and Roman, from Germany

We are Marina, Steve and Roman (5).

We leave in Parsberg, Bavaria, Germany.

I'm a Bulgarian stay-at-home mom to our dear son Roman who was born in Germany :). Steve is American, currently working for the US Department of Defense.

We like to travel, eat, cook, read and explore. We like LEGO and video games (Many Thanks to you, Sandra!)

As I was searching the internet to find somebody to learn something from about child rearing and learning that would make sense to me and my husband, I found radical unschooling (the grammar check give me as option to replace the "wrong" spelling with "schooling"-eek...) and fortunately the name Sandra Dodd :).

We are looking forward to deepening our understanding of radical unschooling and meeting you in person.

Note from Sandra, for those who like to learn names in advance:
Marina Popova
Steven Kuhaida
Roman Kuhaida (5)

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