Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ali and Jon Zeljo, and their four sons, from Boulder

Hello! We are the Zeljo family from Boulder, CO. I'm Ali, my husband is Jon and our four sons are Nicky (14), Will (11), Gianni (6) and Giacomo (4). Our children have never been in school and never followed a curriculum; however, I had a bunch of hang-ups that kept us from being as free and happy as we are now!

We came across Sandra Dodd's work about three years ago. I am still a bit hung up on food and health issues, but much less than before reading Sandra's work. I love reading the Always Learning list posts and we are all really looking forward to some real life inspiration soon!

All four of the boys love playing Minecraft. They all also love playing with balls, playing games or sports of any sort. Maybe we will bring our collection of foam balls (see photo below) and find a good time to turn our hotel room into a (quiet?) dodgeball game?

Nicky spends most of his time running 10+ Minecraft servers on the computer he built last year.

Will loves Minecraft PVPing, watching movies or prank videos on Youtube, and practicing basketball and baseball.

Gianni is really interested in outer space right now. He loves to look through the telescope at Jupiter's moons. He also loves frogs and lizards, baking cakes, and playing basketball with his brothers.

Giacomo loves to watch Youtube videos on Minecraft Mods. Sometimes he likes to play the mods too! He also enjoys doing gymnastics around the house or playing Batman or Superman games with his brothers.

We look forward to meeting new friends!

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