Saturday, December 27, 2014

Schedule in brief


9am: Morning rangoli
9:30am: Sandra Dodd - Top of the Mountain
10:30am: Jill Parmer and Luke Davidson

1:30pm Julie, James and Adam Daniel
3:00pm Sandra Dodd on good advice, bad advice, and personal knowledge

Dinner break

7:00 Rangoli intro (review for those who missed the night before)
Board games, table games, chit-chat, until 10:00 or so


9:30 Sandra Dodd on connections and play
10:30 Gather to leave for Sandia Crest trip
1:30 Hema Bharadwaj: My family's experience of unschooling in India and the USA
2:30 Knotwork with Keith Dodd, a handout, some paper to try it out on, while you listen to...
3:30 Sandra, with topics that have come up and could use expansion or clarification—questions to and from the audience, perhaps
Monday night, Knotwork review for those who missed the earlier session or are confused, and board games, table games


9:30 One last rangoli and knotwork review for those who really want it (individual help)
10:00 Panel of speakers willing to sit and answer questions (easy questions, hard questions, maybe personal questions)

11:00 or later, Sandra says something clever if we're all lucky, which will inspire you for a year or some part of a year

(Thank you Scott Tucker!)

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