Saturday December 27
4:00 or so (perhaps a bit earlier) if people could help us carry things in and arrange "stations" for play and art, and food, that would be nice.

Various times, perhaps repeated, a rangoli intro, and games in the afternoon and evening.
Sunday December 28
9:00 Morning rangoli with Hema (which people can work on during the day)

9:30 Sandra Dodd Top of the Mountain
Perspective,and what's new in unschooling?
10:30 Jill Parmer and Luke Davidson
Life and Times of an Unschooling Teen and Mom
Candid chat about our unschooling. Video games will be a big part, but then we will talk about the progression of our unschooling, and the things we've learned because of those principles and interesting outcomes in our endeavors. (Me and working at the fabric shop, and teaching sewing; and Luke with his WoW guild, and Kung Fu and dealings with friends.)
Lunch can be in the room, during questions, or people will have time to go out.

1:30 Julie, James and Adam Daniel: The Care and Feeding of Miracles
We think that living in this way produces amazing outcomes. It seems as though miracles happen! But actually the miracles are just the everyday results of careful, mindful choices made in the context of these three things. (click for more info!)
3:00 Sandra Dodd on good advice, bad advice, and personal knowledge

Dinner break (or people can get take-out or room-food and come back)

7:00 Rangoli intro (review for those who missed the night before)

Board games, table games, chit-chat, until 10:00 or so (Marty and Ashlee might come to play)
Monday December 29 DRESS WARMLY
9:30 Sandra Dodd on connections and play

10:30 Gather to leave for Sandia Crest trip
Come and get a map and a dollar, if you don't have one (for entry to the tram area; parking)
Even those who don't want to go up the mountain might want to go to the base of the tramway, where there's cactus, a gift shop, a beautiful view, and a restaurant. The tram is 10.2 miles from the hotel, and easy to find, though we will distribute maps and those wanting to follow a local can arrange to do so. MAP
And Keith made another map with two Breaking Bad locations on it, if you want to drive back that way from the tram.
1:30 Hema Bharadwaj: My family's experience of unschooling in India and the USA
Unschooling in different countries, while the same at its core, plays out differently based on local traditions, culture, community etc. I have stories of Raghu and gambling, Zoya and our helper, Roopa, giving all the barbies a bath and putting bindis on them.
2:30 Knotwork with Keith Dodd, a handout, some paper to try it out on, while you listen to...
3:30 Sandra, with topics that have come up and could use expansion or clarification—questions to and from the audience, perhaps.

Monday night, Knotwork review for those who missed the earlier session or are confused, and board games, table games
Tuesday December 30
9:30 One last rangoli and knotwork review for those who really want it (individual help)

10:00 Panel of speakers willing to sit and answer questions (easy questions, hard questions, maybe personal questions)

11:00 or later, Sandra says something clever if we're all lucky, which will inspire you for a year or some part of a year

If those who don't have to leave immediately would help pack up and carry things to my van, that would be appreciated!

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