Friday, December 12, 2014

The Gattis family from Roswell

Hello! I am Amanda, my husband is Grahm and our kiddos are Gavin (7), Aleka (5) and Geirson (1). We live in Roswell NM.

Grahm works at Leprino Foods, his schedule is crazy but when he has time off he enjoys playing golf and watching sports.

I have been exploring metal stamping and Amigurumi.

Gavin is very into yu-gi-oh, Kaijudo, pokemon, Harry Potter and Destiny.

Aleka loves cooking, painting, play dough and collects cans to feed animals at our local humane society.

Geirson loves all things water! We just went on a boat ride to look at Christmas lights and all Geirson did was stare at the water. :)

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