Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who, and what

For the first time of any symposium I've done, everyone sent an intro!
It's in the "Who" tab up top. The URL says speakers, but it's everybody.

Warm clothes, for the Sandia Crest trip. Not ski-warm, but cold-air warm. Water-resistant shoes. Not rubber boots, not insulated boots, but just not cloth tennis shoes or sandals (for those who might end up going over toward snow, which is not a requirement).

We'll only be a few steps from a building, but kids who aren't used to snow might want to play with it, and so for kids, please bring gloves, and for everyone, a cap hood, or maybe a scarf. Something to cover ears. We'll be at the edge of a big rise (okay, cliff. It's a cliff.), so all the cold air coming up the mountain comes right across that edge. It won't blow you down, but it won't warm you up.

I'm taking Marty's life's worth of Lego (with his permission) which is disorganized, hoping that in the course of people playing with it, it might become more organized. Specifically, I'm hoping people who can spot the parts will separate Bionicles from plain old Lego. A little boy played with it in a frenzy, and took everything apart and... well... it could use some attention.

We have a Fisher Price village, but it's old-style Fisher Price, so if any of your babies or todders are toy-eaters, keep an eye out.

I have extra markers and crayons that people are welcome to use.

There are other things I need to send here that I haven't yet, about rangoli and knotwork. I interviewed Jill and planned (still plan) to share that with you, and haven't "html"-ed it onto a page yet.

See you soon!!


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