Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Pierce Family from Boulder

We are the Pierce family from Boulder, Colorado - Eric, Shelley, Junior (Eric), William, and Ruth. We have been unschooling from the start. Our boys Junior and William love Legos, Minecraft, and Parkour. Our girl Ruth loves all things Frozen and My Little Pony. Living in Boulder gives us access to a good sized unschooling community with lots of activities and park days. We also love to travel and this will be our third unschooling conference, we are trying them all on for size.

Note from Sandra:
The ages of these Lego, Minecraft, parkour, Frozen and My Little Pony fans:
Junior / Eric Pierce Jr (9)
William Pierce (7)
Ruth Pierce (5)

...and they might have a grandmother along, too, we might get to meet.

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