Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Spaeth family, from Denver

Ken and Anna Spaeth
David Spaeth - age 10
Elliot Spaeth - age 6

We live in Denver, CO near City Park and have been married for 13 years. Between us, we have six children total. Anna's older children, Oliver (23) and Emma (21) live in Vail and Boulder respectively. Ken's older children, Brian (20) and Lauren (17) live in Atlanta. We started our homeschooling journey with our younger children, David(10) and Elliot, (6) four years ago being influenced by a Waldorf curriculum. We have steadily been moving towards the unschooling philosophy as we experience the limitations of curriculum and begun exploring the wide-open possibilities of unschooling. We have been doing lots of reading, attended various talks and we are now excitedly jumping in to deschooling. We discovered Sandra Dodd through a homeschool program our boys attend in Kittredge (near Evergreen) and from viewing "School Dismissed."

Ken is a software engineer who works full time for a healthcare organization in Colorado and loves hiking and exploring the outdoors. Anna most recently taught preschool through 2nd grade, stopping work outside of the home when David was born, and loves being outdoors in nature. Her most recent endeavors involved learning more about nature programs even though the boys are not as interested (much to her chagrin). David loves football and has had a lot of fun with his fantasy football this year. He also just joined the Jr. Rock Climbing team at our local gym. Elliot, being 6, just doesn't stop moving and is very curious. The boys have recently become very interested in video games since we have just since Thanksgiving "allowed" them to get online and play them! They have also been watching more TV. Before that, they were avid readers and played outside more, so we are trying to be patient and trust the process!!!

Of the older children:
Oliver works at a high end restaurant in Vail to support his passion for snowboarding and rock climbing. Emma just graduated from CU's business school and will be job hunting. Brian is searching to find something he enjoys and Lauren is a junior in HS.

Elliot and David with Flat Stanley - Downtown Denver - 2013

Anna at the Rowley Homestead - Near Camp Chief Ouray - Summer 2013

Ken at the Rockies Game

Elliot with our dog Juno

Elliot at Denver Botanic Gardens - 10/14

Elliot at Denver Botanic Gardens - 10/14

David at TLC Homeschooling Program - 10/14

Anna with Emma at Emma’s CU Graduation - 12/19/14

Elliot on our Christmas Tree cutting expedition - 12/23/14

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