Sunday, December 14, 2014


This is a piece of art by Holly, my daughter, who won't be with us in December. It was a doodle. It was sized down for use in Just Add Light and Stir and is a link to the post in which it appeared, in 2010.

Not everyone doodles, but for those who do, we'll try to make it easy for you to do that during the symposium! It's also fine for you to be on the computer or iPad or playing a game (quietly).

Maybe you could be practicing rangoli patterns or knotwork, and we will have plain paper and coloring pages galore, so bring coloring materials with you.

I will have a printer right in the room, so favorite art can be copied or scanned, and coloring pages can be duplicated. Some of the rangoli patterns could be copied to become other people's coloring pages. :-)

If you haven't thought much about doodling, there is new research on how it helps some people think, and there is "Zentangle," a meditative form of doodling, You could google "doodles"! (While you're in there, maybe look up "google doodles.")

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