Thursday, December 25, 2014

Knotwork, Keith Dodd

Interlacing Without Erasing is a handout created in the 1970's by Melinda Sherbring, an artist and costumer (and former aerospace engineer or some such) who lives in California but who was originally from southern New Mexico.

For a long time, the method for doing knotwork was lost, and there's a Dover book with a convoluted mathematical explanation. But in the 1960's (I think), an unfinished piece of art was discovered, where the dots showed, which surprised researchers and artists, because in the finished medieval art, the field and background were both painted over.

Melinda based her instructions on Mark van Stone's work. He did research and teaching in the 1970's, but has gone on to other things.

Keith has a Powerpoint presentation for us, for Monday afternoon, with his own experiences to share, as he's been doing knotwork for many years. You can see photos of some of Keith's work here: Knotwork

Feel free to print the handout if you want, but I'll have some at the site, too.

Click to go the the image, and click again for closer details.

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