Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Koehl family from California

Sandra note: Brian Koehl, Evan and Elise have decided to hang back in California, but Jaclyn is coming!

I'm Jaclyn and I'm very pleased to share a little about our family. Brian is my husband and our two children are Evan and Elise. We live in Santee, California, a suburb east of San Diego. Brian and I both grew up in Indiana but we met in San Diego in 2006. Brian is an Embedded Systems Engineer at a job he's had since 2001. I was able to leave my career (technology related stuff in the healthcare industry) when the kids were born in 2009 so that I could stay home with them.

I told the kids I was going to write a little about their likes and interests they asked me to write down these lists, exactly:

Evan (5) likes: Mario Kart, Minecraft, board games, Lego, trampolines, sword battles, swimming, Chipotle (the restaurant), pizza, The Lego Movie, Minecraft videos, green, dark blue, black, and Pokemon.

Elise (5) likes: Swimming, Minecraft, Lego, coloring, crafts, festivals, Frozen, The Lego Movie, Pokemon, pink, purple, and chicken nuggets.

Brian and I both enjoy pursuing the kids interests with them, and additionally we both love to read and enjoy the outdoors. I also like to walk, do yoga, swim, and garden.

The photo of all of us is from recent camping trip to the Agua Caliente hot spring in the Anza Borrego Desert.

The carved pumpkin has a Minecraft creeper face, and we are trying our best to look like creepers too. They kids say that creepers are sad because they don't really want to bomb people or things but don't have a choice.

Evan and Elise both wanted to be creepers for Halloween. They wanted to look like their costumes to look like their stuffed creepers except Elise wanted her costume to be pink, because pink creepers are more about hugging than exploding.


  1. In case Evan needs Chipotle while you're here, there's one less than four miles from where we'll be.


  2. Thanks Sandra! I showed Evan the map, and I'm sure we'll eat there while in town. A few days ago I was thinking about how many different Chipotle locations we've been to, and I think we've been to around 16 different ones between California and Arizona. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of each one. Maybe I'll start. I wonder how the one in Albuquerque will be similar/different. We actually figured out (from noting unique characteristics of two Chipotle locations) that two strip malls here in California, but separated by about 50 miles, must have been built with the same blueprints.