Friday, January 2, 2015

How Unschooling can Fail

Hello, and I hope everyone is safely home from the symposium (or for the European residents, safely on to your next sight-seeing experience; the Daniels are in Arizona).

Amy Childs, an unschooling mom in Pennsylvania, is building a podcast library and I'm in most of her 15-minute presentations. The new one is pretty good! I know the other two voices there, too, so that was fun for me.
Amy wrote:
Sometimes people say “Unschooling isn’t working for my child” or they say, “We tried unschooling but it didn’t work.”

I asked Sandra Dodd, Nina Haley and Sue Patterson: When, why and how does unschooling fail?
Listening to some of those other podcasts (listed on the lefthand side) now, you'll hear other people you've recently met, too!

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