Monday, November 24, 2014

Another little change (temperature considerations)

Summary: Shoes, and more warm clothes

I'm finding all the places I hadn't changed webpages, and am (still) updating for the new site (with the help of Mia Flore, who's coming from Kirkland, Washington with her husband and daughter).

This has changed, and I've removed it:
The hotel is all one building, so if kids are the rooms, they can get to where we are or back barefooted and in pajamas on carpetted hallways, and it's only a two-story building, so as safety in buildings goes, this is a good one.
The new hotel is three buildings, small and close. The conference rooms are separate, but only maybe fifteen feet from the main two-storey building. Still, people will need shoes and maybe a jacket to get back and forth.

As safety goes, the area between the buildings is fenced, and that's good! Kids can't easily wander into the parking lot.

One year it was 64 F degrees (about 18 C) in the daytime at this site, but there's really no tellin', with Albuquerque.

Back to the jackets, though:
A light jacket, hoodie, or sweater for in and out of the conference center will probably work.

When we go on the tram up to Sandia Crest, it is likely to be 30 degrees colder up there and windy, Even there, it's just a quick dash from the tram car to a warm building, but you will probably want to walk around a bit outside, and it WILL be cold. Thermal underwear and down jackets would not be unreasonable. Definitely a scarf, cap, or both I hope it's the only time you'll need such warm clothes, but DO bring warm things!!

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