Monday, November 17, 2014

Site Change (Yikes!)

Something very odd happened. The hotel we've used before was suddenly sold to developers, and will close at the end of November. I got a call last Wednesday morning, halfway through the unschooling chat. It was quite distracting!

After some search and research, we will be just around the corner, at the Howard Johnson's, at the same rates, with the same contract and arrangements.

If you had a reservation, it will be transferred. Give them a few days (today was the day the list was to be delivered by the wonderful Clyde Wanatee, the events manager at our old place).

Clyde not only found other hotels for me to interview, he drove me there and helped me out. What a guy! It looks like he's already got another job lined up, too, as events manager at a newer hotel near the airport. If he gets that job, that might be where we go next year.


The good news is the rooms are nicer, and for $20 more you can get a suite. (New information is at the hotel link above, if you want to call them and upgrade.) There are also adjoining rooms you could request if you're getting two rooms.

Their pets fee is a bit more, but they're still pet-friendly. (No pets in the conference center, though.)

There isn't an elevator (same as the Ramada), so if stair are a problem, request ground floor.

They have breakfast. We're closer to Target, and they have groceries, so the list of food is still true except that it might be easier to drive to Sadies or The Owl Cafe if it's cold. They're near, but there are hotels and fences between us and them now. There is an Applebee's that's nearer to this one. An easy walk if it's not too wintry.

We can still have food in the conference center. This is unusual, for hotels in the world, and much appreciated. You might not need to go out for lunch or dinner, if we gather up enough finger-food to share. Or Keith's willing to make a pizza run. :-)

Wednesday I was very afraid.
By Friday, I was happily relieved.
I'm VERY glad it happened last week and not THIS week, because this Wednesday we will be driving to Las Vegas for Marty's wedding. We get back Friday night (Keith and Holly and I; Marty is riding out with us, and will be in Puerto Rico on his honeymoon) and Holly leaves for India on Sunday.

There was another hotel I seriously considered. Sleeping rooms were great, meeting rooms were crummy, but all they had within walking distance was a Burger King, a bar-and-grill (mostly bar, said the manager), and a fancy steak house. So that made me realize that what I really was going to miss was that Target parking lot with all the restaurants. :-) That tipped it.

Another advantage is that I didn't need to change the distances on the new list of museums! :-)

If you find references to the Ramada that I need to change, at any of the links, please let me know!

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